All package's pricing are one-time fee. We also provide additional services to help your going digital process to become smoother. Please contact us for our price list.


Q: Can I upgrade my package any time?

A: Yes, you would only need to pay the difference.

Q: What if I need additional services such as Google Analytics?

A: Please contact us for any of your specific needs.

Q: I don't understand how to use your web builder. Help!

A: Depending on the package you purchase, you might be eligible for an email tech support.

Alternatively, you can chat with us from our website and our agent may be able to help you.

Q: I've signed up. How do I pay?

A: Please transfer your outstanding balance to our bank account. Send an email to​ to get further instructions.

Q: I've registered and created my site. How do I connect it to my domain?

A: Please contact us for instructions to connect your website to your domain.